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Currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

I began experimenting with making bags around 2008. At this point I was sourcing mostly reclaimed fabrics from old chairs, couches, etc. You could say I was obsessed with creating something from nothing. My products are backed by years of sewing experience. Each bag is made by me, one at a time. This slow manufacturing process ensures that each bag is constructed to the highest standard. Bags are made using Fairfield Textiles brand of canvas. All canvas bags are water-resistant and wear exceptionally over time. With over 100 years of industry experience the quality and durability of this fabric is exceptional. My hardware and waterproof fabric comes from American Plastics in Tracy, California. Leather is sourced from midtown Manhattan with varying countries of origin. The wool comes from fiz felt in Boston, Massachusetts, a purveyor of fine German felt. Up to thirty percent of each bag is sourced from reclaimed materials.

Jon Knox

14 day unused return policy.

10 year warranty from the date of purcahse.